Brother KH890 prepared for Emily in October 2023

Brother KH890 knitting machine is one of the latest knitting machine models with punchcard-based patterning capabilities that Brother made. More will be coming soon in my Knitting Machine Encyclopedia on this model.

In the meantime, about this particular KH890 machine.

It was tested on tuck-, slip-. stockinet and fair isle patterning on full bed to ensure all needles function properly and do not have any faulty latches. All tests are shown in my video. All went great without ANY hiccups, which made me very happy!

It comes with all major assesories, including cast-on comb, lace carriage, tension mast and a row counter. Hard copy of the  manual will not be included but can be purchased downloaded for free.

The cast-on comb is of a later model, where it consists of two parts – small and a larger one and they connect together by a metal clip to fit the full bed.

I put together a set of most minor assesories, including a brand new 20-card punchcard set. The claw weights are also brand new (from new stock). So is the row counter (this is why the color is different).

All these minor assesories fit into a built-in box with a lid.

The minor assesories that are missing are:

  • wax – it was too old and I threw it away
  • crochet needle – any will work. It is not even needed for machine knitting – just sometimes for the work on the knitted panel
  • tapestry needle – any needle will work
  • oil – it was old and I discarded it. I use Hoppe’s Elite Gun Oil for all my knitting machine needs
  • Cast-on thread is not included but any strong and silky yarn/thread will work the same

Now about some minor flaws:

  • The lid and the case are in pretty good shapes but might have minor scuffs and scratches.
  • The plastic layer delaminated slightly on the carriage. It is mostly visible around the bottom right-hand corner where the brand name is
  • There is a slight crack on the carriage handle
  • There is a discoloration on the handle. It is very likely that this machine was attached to the motor for a long time. The plastic around the mount to the motor got UV damage and under the mount did not. Thus, different shades of plastic.
  • There is a small crack on the yarn feeder lever

None of these minor flaws prevented the machine from knitting. This machine is sold out but other are available in my store.






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