Brother KR830 ribber serviced and tested in September 2023


Brother KR830 ribber ($475) + shipping ($50) Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, California and Canada might be extra.


Brother KR830 ribbing attachment fits a lot of Brother knitting machines with standard gauge (4.5 mm distance between the needles). It features 200 needles and is capable of creating purl stitches when hooked up to a knitting mahcine. It does NOT knit on its own. Read more about Brother KR830 ribber in my KM encyclopedia.

Now about this particular ribber.

It was cleaned (brackets, bed, carriage). All needles were removed, cleaned and inspected. Needles that did not pass the inspection tests were replaced with the new stock. Then the ribber was tested. I knitted two 1×1 ribs. Tested using KH840 knitting machine. All the tests are in this Video. First, I knitted on the first set of every-other-needles and then on the second set of every-other-needles to make sure all needles work properly. I also knitted on various yarns: thin wool/acrylic blend, boucle yarn and fuzzy mohair-based blend. The ribber performed really well.

Here is the whole panel I knitted while testing this ribber. It took a while to figure out the correct tension but once I did, I had a blast! Tension and the distance between the main bed and the ribber are actually the most important parameters when knitting with a ribber.

This Brother KR830 ribber comes LITERALLY with all accessories. Compare the assesories shown above against the manual. The spare needles are also from the new stock. I am even including a hard copy of the manual – I had extra!!! Who will be a lucky gal/guy to get all of this treasure??

I followed a nice video on how to adjust the distance between the ribber and the machine to form nice stitches and not to have dropped stitches. To obtain the optimum distance, I had to unscrew the brackets that some Brother KR830 ribbers come with (probably to fit older models of knitting machines).

I strongly encourage you to text me prior to purchasing this ribber from me. I would like to know the knitting machine model number that you are buying this ribber for.

About imperfections:

The connecting arm had some very minor rust spots. I cleaned them (with a soft rush-removal brush) and then covered with two coats layers of special anti-rust coatings to stop the rust and to cover it. Thus, this strange discoloration but it is still smooth to touch and will not affect the functioning of the machine. In fact, all tests in my video were made AFTER I painted the connecting arm and as you can see, there were not problems (like yarn sticking, etc.)

Below is the picture with rust before I cleaned the rust off and covered it with rust-oleum.

Below is the picture after the rust was removed and the exposed (from the rust) metal was painted.

I did not notice any other imperfections. The machine worked great and I highly recommend knitting on your machine with a ribbing attachment: opens so many possibilities.






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