KM Encyclopedia

Knitting Machine encyclopedia

This page will take you to my other blog, where I collect data on knitting machines. So, welcome to my Knitting Machine Encyclopedia, and thank you for reading it!

There are so many various knitting machines that I simply could not fit all into the scope of this blog (dedicated to machines I test for customers).

The idea of the Knitting Machine Encyclopedia came to me when I just accumulated so much experience with fixing the machines I pass to my customers that it was simply exploding in my head and head to go somewhere else 🙂

There are machines branded and manufactured by Brother, Singer, Studio, Passap, Silver Reed, and Empisial… There are vintage pushbutton and turn-knob machines and more modern ones with punchcard and electronic patterning capabilities… There are machines with huge needles (bulky-), with regular (standard-) and very small needles (fine-gauge).


By no means do I think I will have a full encyclopedia but I will definitely try. The more articles I publish,  the more questions I get from the audience about the features of specific machines. While compounding this encyclopedia, I am discovering how much I don’t know about various machines out there… If you find the same in my blog, feel free to point it to me.

Let’s discover more and more knitting machines together!