Welcome to my Knit-O-Sphere!

My shop offers Singer/Studio and Brother vintage knitting machines as well as advice on how to fix knitting machine problems. I also offer lessons for new and intermediate machine knitters.

Make sure to check my youtube channel as well as blog and gallery.

About me:

I am a knitting-machine addict. If you own at least one knitting machine – you know what I mean. My first two knitting machines were circular Addis. I made numerous hats, scarves, shawl-transformers, even sweaters for family members and pets.

I quickly outgrew it and my yarn stash was growing bigger and bigger… I also wanted to diversify my knits and knit wider panels, so I decided to purchase my first flat-bed machine. It was Brother KX350. My husband still calls it my typewriter… I did not know what I was doing… I did not insert the sponge strip, needles were dropping stitches constantly… But I managed to find a sweater and a verst with cables for my son… I became completely hooked. I almost gave up knitting because of how much the needles were dropping… But I decided to research this issue and discovered a whole new world of Japanese (Brother and Singer/Studio/Silver reed) vintage knitting machines…

One by one I purchased several lots of knitting machines… Oh boy, some of them were so dirty and filthy. They were unrecognizable.

But one by one, step by step I learned how to clean and service push-button machines, Singer/Studio punch card machines with those stubborn and tend-to-freeze patterning drums, Brother punch-card machines with mis-patterning needle selection centers and misaligned timing belts… I am becoming my own resource although these machines are so amazing that probably no one dealer/repair shop can cover it all!!!

My next plan is to start converting Brother KH910 and Studio 5XX series to AYAB. Already have all components lined up! I also have quite a collection of Toyota/Mitsubishi machines that I am yet to start working on.

I document all machines I refurbish and pass along. I am doing it so my customers are confident in their purchases. I hope you will be too!

Contact me if you have a specific question or would like me to prepare a specific machine for you.