Brother Simple Seven, also known as KX350, knitting machine


Simple Seven Knitting machine: $330 + $50 shipping (USA only)


KnitKing Simple seven is a plastic flatbed knitting machine. It is also known as Brother KX350.

It is considered mid-gauge but it can actually knit pretty bulky yarns (like RedHeart Super saver).

This model of knitting machine is excellent for beginners as it is easy to maintain, operate, handle, and lift.

I have a lot of experience with Brother KX350 and can tell you it can handle many tough situations other machines often struggle with. I knitted cables (shown in my video specifically for this machine in here).

It packs nicely into an original box with the styrofoam pieces cut out for all the parts so there is no confusion about where each part goes. The box is a bit beat-up but still holds everything nicely.

The machine will come with all major assesories except for:

  • A can of oil. The oil that came with this machine was old and I discarded it. A good oil can be purchased on Amazon.
  • A hard copy of the manual will not come but can be found online for free.
  • A typical setup includes a videotape with instructions. But this machine did not come with a videotape. With a myriad of youtube videos available on this machine, I doubt you will miss that videotape.

Additionally, I will include 3 extra needles in case you need replacement.

A brand new sponge was inserted (the black strip shown under the needles in the under-carriage view of the machine shown below). So you will not need to replace it for several months.

This particular machine was thoroughly cleaned, and every needle was inspected and tested to make sure that they were all straight and no stuck latches. I knitted two headbands shown below and all stitches formed nicely.

I hope this blog convinced you to consider Simple Seven for your craft needs. It is a wonderful machine and is excellent not only for beginners but also for advanced knitters (who sometimes combine two or more beds to knit wider panels). If you got this machine and do not know where to start, patterns specific for Brother KX350 can be found online but any other pattern for the chunky machine will work too.

Read more about the Brother KX350 model’s pros and cons in my previous blogs.


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