SRN321 ribber, suitable for Singer/Studio/Silver Reed knitting machines.

If you came here because you are looking for a ribber for your Singer 321 or earlier model knitting machine, you came to the right place.

Ribbing attachment SRN321 is so easy to install (aka, attach to the main bed) and so fun to use! Need one now? Check out my Etsy store.

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Studio SRN321 ribber is an attachment that allows alternating knit and purl stitches. It was released in 1972. The ribber has 200 needles. Studio SRN321 ribbing attachment fits the following knitting machines: Singer/Studio 321, as well as models MOD. 315, 313, 312 and 305. SRN321 ribber adds so many patterning possibilities, as mentioned in the instructions and beyond. I did not see in the instructions if this ribber can provide double jacquard possibilities and I did not test it myself yet.

About this particular ribber.

I tested it in combination with Singer 321 knitting machine. The carriage slides very easily on the full ribber bed. I feel that the instruction explain really well how to knit all kinds of ribbing.

Tested on 1k 1p rib, double rib (see the cast on-thread and the first several rows below) on 30 needle swatch and on the almost full bed with the singer 321 knitting machine (not shown – forgot to take pictures but check out my video). The 1×1 ribbing created on this machine was so stretchy and pretty! I fell in love The carriage is so easy to move although it might take some time to get used to it (as opposed to using only the knitting machine).

I also tested the partial ribbing on this machine while the main bed was knitting the tuck-stitch pattern (see my video for that as well).

All major assesories included. Minor assesories missing are:

  • Hard copy of the manual will not come with this machine but could be obtained online.
  • Oil (it was old and I discarded it). Good oil to buy for any knitting machine is Gun oil.
  • Screw driver but any flat metal piece would work. It is mostly to screw the large bolts onto a machine. I used a thin coin.
  • Replacement needles: I am currently outsourcing them and hopefully I will have them soon.

I personally did not find any cons with this ribber. It does the job so well. It was absolutely not overwhelming to use and was extremely easy to set up. I think it is an excellent ribbing attachment for beginning machine knitters.

I hope you will be as excited as I was using this ribber. It is available in my Etsy store.


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