Brother KR850 ribber serviced and tested in November 2023

Brother KR850 ribbing attachment converts a standard (4.5 mm gauge) flat bed knitting machines made by Brother into a double bed capable of rib and more advanced patterning. It has 200 needles and is compatible with all punchcard and electronic standard-gauge knitting machines. It does not knit on its own – it needs a knitting machine.

Read more about this model in my Knitting Machine encyclopedia.

This particular ribber was tested and serviced by me on Brother KH860 knitting machine.

All needles were inspected and cleaned. All needles were also tested during knitting a 1×1 rib on two different needle configuration (to ensure that I knitted on all needles). See the test video for details and to understand what I mean more.

The bed and the carriage were cleaned as well.

This ribber comes with ALL assesories including hard copy of the manual.

It will also comes in its original box, which is in pretty decent shape.

I followed a nice video on how to adjust the distance between the ribber and the machine to form nice stitches and not to have dropped stitches. Actually, I found very easy to setup Brother KR850 unlike its other older counterparts (like KR830)

Knitting with a ribber requires an operator to pay attention to the edges: to add enough weight, make sure the yarn does not get stuck on pegs, etc. So, it is recommended not to knit on the very last 2-4 needles to ensure nice edges. I was able to achieve that during my tests.

The long panel knitted during these tests was converted to this hat.

About flaws:

The machine itself does not have any flaws. The cast-on combs, however, have slightly bent tees at the ends and the wire as 3-teeth short. I looked in my collection for another cast-on comb. It turned out that they are almost all like this. Probably damaged during storage and/or transport. Inserting the wire into the groves/holes was not a problem but to remove the wire at the end of your work, you might need plyers. The little hook at the end of the wire broke off. Again, all wires I looked in my supplies that are long enough had the loop broken or missing.

No other imperfections were noticed. The machine works great and is highly recommended.

Brother KR850 ribbers as well as matching machines are regularly available in my store for purchase.






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