Singer 360 with 700 carriage for Isabella

Singer 360 knitting machine is a standard gauge knitting machine (distance between needles is 4.5 mm). The machine has a built-in knit leader. It patterns automatically using a punch-card mechanism.

Specifically about this machine cleaned for Isabella:

The carriage that came originally with this machine was acting up. I opened it up to fix and noticed that somebody already tried to fix it and assembled it incorrectly. I did not want to delay the delivery of the machine so this 360k will be equipped with a more advanced carriage from a 700mod model and a matching sinker.

The main bed, all needles, all knobs and levers on the punch-card reader and knit leader are in excellent shape. All needles were inspected and the machine has a new sponge. The machine was tested on full bed to knit stockinet, slip-stitch, tuck-stitch and 2-color fair isle patterning (see my video with these tests). All needles behaved flawlessly and the carriage was moving freely without any problems at all. I was very pleased! Below are the panels I knitted. As always, these will be converted to cowls/neck warmers for charity.

In general, all knobs and buttons on 360 and 700 carriages are the same. One major exception is the levers for the tuck-knitting. 700 carriage does not have those levers. It was actually very easy to knit a tuck-stitch pattern with this carriage. I had zero problems from the beginning. The tuck-brushes on the 700 carriage do not have to be moved and they do not get tangled in thread when knitting. All these are huge advantages.

I did not test the knit leader but all knobs and levers move freely.

The machine will come with all major assesories.

A couple of minor assesories missing are:

  • Only two yarn separators are included. These are needed to knit single-motif. So, with just two yarn separators you can still knit a single motif but only one per panel.
  • A tapestry needle is not included: any metal or plastic needle will do
  • Only two point-cams are included. These too are needed to knit single-motif. With just two point-cams you can still knit a single motif but only one per panel.
  • Only one unravel cord is included. I typically use any contrasting yarn: not very thick and preferably very silky.

I also included an extra tool – very useful for beginners: a claw-weight/cast-on comb. In this case, you can knit one row on every other needle, hang a cast-on comb, knit a couple more rows until all stitches are knit, and then knit on all needles (described better in this manual on p. 9)

Because this machine had two major parts from two different machines below is the list of resources and manuals that Isabella will need to knit usefully on this setup. These brochures are available for free and discuss how to use the machines and how to knit garments:

  • Operation manual for 360mod knitting machine. This is a resource to go to when you need to know how to setup your machine, how to assemble it, troubleshoot, etc.
  • Knitting manual describes how to swatch, calculate gauge, how to use pattern paper and a knit leader to knit garments and how to make cloth in general.
  • Pattern book shows how the patterns on punch cards will look when knitted using different techniques. Although some of the cards might be slightly different.
  • Operation manual for 700 machine. Here is learn how to setup the knobs and levers on your 700 carriage.
  • Read pros and cons of Singer 360 in my previous posts:

Now about imperfections:

The imperfections are mostly on the top lid of the whole case. It has several minor bumps.

There is one bend in the middle but the machine still closes. I decided against beating it up with the hammer to straighten it because It creates additional microcracks and makes the metal more prone to corrosion. The lid still closes with just a small push.

The case panel that attaches to the main bed (the bottom panel) has one bend as well (not shown in here).

The end-cap of the lid has a crack. It is pretty minor so I did not replace it to keep the cost low.

I am 100% confident that you will like this machine like I did!!! Happy knitting!


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