Brother KH930E prepared for Mercedes in December 2022

Brother KH930E is identical to Brother KH930. The only difference is This brother knitting machine has greenish color on the carriage. Brother KH930e was an anniversary edition and this is why the difference. Brother KH930 machines are capable of electronic needle selection to knit various patterns. There is a vast library of built-in patterns, which are listed in the stitch book. Custom patterns can be entered manually into the machine. There is an optional cable that allows transferring patterns directly from a computer (through special software).

Now, let’s talk about the specifics of this particular machine.

The machine was cleaned, and every needle was inspected and tested. The whole purpose of my demonstration of knitting on a full bed is to ensure that all needles create even stitches. During the testing, I noticed that one of the needles was creating uneven stitches… I replaced it (without taking the fabric off the machine) and the problem disappeared. See my video and a picture below.

The machine did not come with many tools but I put together a set of tools. Looks like some of the tools that were actually included were added later. For example, the lid color is different from the rest of the machine. The electric cable also looks a bit worn out but works great. Cast-on comb, rails, and lace carriage look in good shape (although I did not test the lace carriage except for making sure all buttons move freely).

The minor things that are still missing:

  • Had copy o the manual; it can be found here. Manuals for KH940 and KH930 are identical.
  • Design Sheets. This is just simple graph paper to create patterns first on paper to visualize them better.
  • Caton-on cable. Any other silky or easy-to-remove yarn would do.
  • Tapestry needle – just use your favorite needle to sew garments together
  • The carriage lock was missing but it is important to have it when putting the machine into storage. It ensures that the carriage does not slide when moved or transported. I included a 3D-printed carriage lock.
  • Wax is not included.
  • Oil can be purchased here

None of these tools are critical to the machine’s functioning and allowed me to successfully test slip, touch, and fair-isle patterning on this machine. Please, refer to the video. All the buttons and levers on the carriage move freely.

I even tested the custom transfer of a pattern I created in special machine knitting software. I used a custom-made cable and transferred the pattern to the machine and then knitted it. This is what I got Couple of nerdy gifts for my nerdy friends

Now about imperfections.

One of the plastic connectors is missing so the model tag is often sliding.

The case lid and the lower part of the machine case have several scratches and dents. Needless to say, it is kind of expected from a 30+-year-old machine and these dings absolutely do not affect how the machine functions.

The most obvious problem is the crack near the switch. But the whole time I knitted on this machine, this did not cause any problems. I am going to cover it with masking tape so the dirt and lint do not get inside too much.

Read more about this model in my Knitting Machine Encyclopedia:

Below are the items I knitted while testing this machine.

Reversible neon yellow/green, purple, and blue fair isle cowls/neckwarmers.


My biggest reward and satisfaction will be you making lots more beautiful items.


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