KX350 cleaned and tested in November 2022

Brother KX350 is a plastic bed, mid-gauge, knitting machine. It was my first ever flat bed knitting amchine and I am so glad that it was because otherwise, now knowing how capricious other machines can be, I would not have become an avid machine knitter.

This particular model was cleaned. The spong bar is new. Needles were checked.

It comes with the original box, although the box is somewhat beat up. The storofoam inside the box is a bit worn but clean and still holds the machine and the assesories well.

The set includes all standard assesories shown below. You can start knitting right away! It is super easy to setup up. The manual is written very well and is easy to follow. If you are a visual learner, a video tape includes additional instructions.

The machine sounds a bit loud. My husband calls it an old type writer. There is not much more to say about this particular machine as it behaved excellently during the full bed tests (knitting stockinette) and that all levers on the carriage move freely.

It is a wonderful machine for a beginner, and I am glad it is going to a loving home.

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Flat Bed Brother KX350 knitting machine, cleaned and tested in October 2022


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