Singer 360K for Philip

Overview and run down of Singer 360 K for Philip

Test performed: full bed stockinet, slip, fair isle, 1×1 mock ribbing.

Sport yarn is the best. Thicker (e.g., worsted yarn – best on every other neelde).

I did not extensively test the knit leaders but all knobs and levels work.

The machine came with some assesories and some I added. I added a set of punch cards. The set is brand new but differs a bit from the original Singer/Studio set. The machine came with some knit leader sheets, and they will be included.

The overveiw is below.

Missing are:

  • Oil canister. I do not include old oil on purpose. Please, get a fresh/new oil. The recommended by many machine kntiters is Hoppe’s Elite Gun Oil
  • Only one ravel cord in included but any smooth strong yarn can be used
  • only one set of point cams (number 15) and yarn separators were included. These are usd for single-motif knitting. This is somewhat advanced technique and if you are proficient enough with just one single motif (two sets are needed to knit two single motifs) you will know by then where to get additional sets. To be honest, I tried single single-motif and it was so challenging that I simply gave up. It is challenging by all the small details needed to kniw a single motif. There are other machines to do it much easier. Plus, I like motifs throughout the whole bed anyways… But with just one set of point cams and yarn separators you will still be able to knit just one single motif.


All tools fit into a built-in storage.

The machine itself is in great shape.

There are couple of impercets on the plastic and on the cover.

They are:

  • Masking tape stain on the tool box lid

Some writing on the carriage. I wiped it but did not rub too much to avoid damaging already old and potentially brittle plastic.


The case and the lid have minor scratches and minor bend. The most prominent is the red stain on the lid.


The strip with numbers has some minor staining (seen on video).


Video just for you:


I also recommend getting this small cast-on comb. (I am not affiliated with them). It makes the cast on so much easier for beginners…


Manual and recommended brochures specifically for this machine are here:

(but keep in mind that I am sending you generic punch cards – they might not match the numbers shown in the third brochure).

Please read my other post on overall pros and cons of Singer/Studio knitting machines and 360K model in general.

Second Singer Studio 360 Mod restored/cleaned/refurbished in March 2022


Some pictures as I am putting the whole package together.


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