Testing Lion Brand 24/7 cotton yarn on Addi circular knitting machine

I was again trying to discover what yarns my Addi will like. Additionally, I was destashing and helping a friend with a charity project. So, I decided to see if I can make a scarf out of this Lion brand 24/7 Cotton yarn.

Each skein contains 186 yards (170 m) and 3.5 oz (100 g) of yarn. I used grey color – neutral color and can be a scarf for male or female.

Typically, cotton yarns are not very suitable on circular knitting machines because of their rigidity. Additionally, this yarn almost looked like a chain and had to stretch to it. Or maybe the thread could be described as a cord. However, the skein was wound so tightly, I could not even get the other end from inside of the skein. So, I decided to rewind it into a cake (which I strongly recommend for all projects on circular and flat bed machines especially operated with a power adapters or motors).

The yarn surprised me: it behaved flawlessly. I was able to hand-crank and get extremely even stitches. First, I was very cautious because at the very beginning (as always), the first rows knitted somewhat loose and I was worried the machine might even skip/tuck of drop stitches or skip the yarn. But once I had enough length and attached a weight, I was even able to knit the whole length of the scarf with a power adapter to my Addi. See my video that shows actual knitting speed – was pretty fast!!

Looks at this beautiful web of stitches created by both hand and drill-cranking.

One skein proivded 252 rows of the scarf with beatiful even stitches. I was so pleased!! I hope you will enjoy knitting with this yarn – just remember the apply enough tension to knit without problems.


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