Brother yarn winder

As all my other assesories, this yarn winder was inherited by me with the two large lots of knitting machine and their assesories.

After testing several variety of different yarn winders, I realized that this model and this yarn winding mechanism is actually my favorite (check my blog for the pros and cons of other yarn winder as well as a table comparing severla at once).

Like most home and hobby yarn widners, this one has a screw-on clamp that has a winder range and allows the winder to be attach to variety of thick and thin table surfaces.

Both of the yarn-guide rods have a spiral thread-through mechanism – so if you screwed up your yarn winding, you don’t have to cut it to start all over (like some other models).

The second rod (or yarn guide) is rotating which allows for a more even yarn distribution and also for a bigger yarn skeins to be wound.

Well, it is kind of hard to find many words to describe this yarn winder (as well as others).

I think it would be better if you simply watch my short video:


I really hope you can buy this yarn winder since , in my opinion, it is one of the best ones!!




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